Minutes of the 125th Annual General Meeting held at 3.30 pm

on Saturday 29th June 2013 in the Meeting House, Great Ayton


1.    John Fothergill welcomed everyone to the meeting.  David French, President (2012 - 13) passed on the chain of office to Mary Kidd, President (2013 - 14), who delivered her presidential address.  This will be printed in full in the 2014 Magazine.

    Apologies had been received from: Lou Trotter, Adelaide Lavender (nee Johnson), Ian Moffatt, Sue Cooper (nee Horne), Chris Vodden, Stewart Brammer, Gill Cloughton, Jill Wheeler and Linda Knott.

     John Fothergill informed the meeting of two recent deaths: Dorothy Newby (nee Danby) who was at school in the thirties, and June Dunn (nee Rhodes) who was at school in the forties and was the sister of Jill Wheeler.  A minutes’s silence was observed.

2.    The Minutes of the 124th Annual General Meeting were taken as read from the Magazine and approval proposed by Barbara Price, seconded by Diz Dexter and agreed by all.

3.  Matters arising - none.

4.  Secretary’s Report - Suzanne Potter: various topics had been discussed during the year including the Magazine, Reunion and data protection issues.  The new format for Reunion, with the focus on Great Ayton, was felt to be successful.  53 people will attend the Saturday evening meal and 40 the Sunday buffet.

     Treasurer’s Report - Geoff Miller: subscriptions of £800 and donations of £650 had been received.  Magazine costs had been reduced.  The loss on Reunion of £450 includes a donation to Great Ayton Friends, so the actual loss is £150.  The blue plaque had cost £400.  There had been three one-off extraordinary items of expenditure over the last three years, but nothing this year.  The bank balance is healthy, at nearly £15,000.  Geoff proposes to merge the Life and General Funds to simplify matters as very few Life Members are joining now.  Since the Handbook will no longer be produced, Geoff will amalgamate provision made for it into the General Fund.  (Fiona Campbell will say more about the Handbook in her report.)

      Editor’s Report - Linda Hewison thanked all contributors to the Magazine; their efforts are very valuable.  She hopes the Magazine will be interesting and informative.  There were three printing errors in the Magazine.  The printing company now does the layout and printing, making it possible to include photos, such as the slides taken by Bill Oughton in the 1960’s and sent to her by David Oughton, Bill’s son.  These had also been put on the website by Dan Smith.  The quality of paper and printing in the Magazine was good.  Linda Thanked Wendy Smith and her team for putting the Magazines in envelopes, and Mooks of Stokesley Motors for use of their franking machine.  The price of postage had increased: it is now £547.  (Some Magazines are delivered by hand.)  Linda appealed for help from local volunteers, and for photos and news. 

She had received a letter from Charles Megginson (1936 - 44) who would no longer be attending Reunion, but sent his good wishes.

John Fothergill complimented Linda on her work: she had started the job while living in France, and had had to find new printers when she moved to Norfolk.

      Records Secretary’s Report - Fiona Campbell:  as of 31/3/13 the Association had 542 members; four Magazines had been returned and one resignation received, leaving a current total of 537 members.  Fiona stressed that the Magazine / Annual Report would still be produced, but that the Handbook, containing lists of names and addresses, would not, because of data protection issues.  Fiona has received requests for addresses not to be published.  This had been a difficult decision.  In response to Roy George’s question as to how Association members would be able to contact other members in future, Fiona said people should contact Committee Members or District Secretaries whose details can be found in the Magazine.  She assured the AGM of the confidentiality of the central AOSA database, and appealed for any changes of address to be sent to her.  Changes of address will no longer be published in the Magazine; Fiona stated that even younger people tended not to want their addresses to be published.  John Fothergill highlighted the prevalence of fraud nowadays as a further factor in the decision.

      Webmaster’s Report - in Dan Smith’s absence Suzanne Potter appealed for photos and news to be sent to Dan.  John Fothergill asked for a show of hands to see who used the website regularly - approximately half of those present.  The AGM thanked Dan for his work on the site.

      School Committee Members‘ Report - Sue Fox: no meetings had been held since the last AGM, but matters were progressing.


Approval of the above reports was proposed by Alan Goodfellow, seconded by Dorothy Dawson and agreed by all. 


5.    Officers due to retire in 2013, but willing to stay on:

       Executive Committee: John Fothergill, Gill Cloughton, Jill Wheeler and Suzanne Potter, Secretary, (all yearly);

Geoff Miller


(2013 - 2017)

Fiona Campbell           

Records Secretary

(2013 - 2017)

Louise Seniscal

Reunion Co-ordinator

(2013 - 2017)


      Nominations Committee: Sonia Wade and Suzanne Potter (yearly)

      School Committee Representative: Sonia Wade (yearly)


      Proposed by Roy George who also thanked the people above as continuity is very important, and seconded by Diz Dexter.  John Fothergill encouraged people to come forward in various capacities.


6.    Re-election of officers willing and able to remain in office:


Linda Hewison

(2010 - 2014)


Dan Smith

(2011 - 2015)

Executive Committee Members:

Sue Fox

(2011 - 2015)


Alan Goodfellow

(2012 - 2016)

Nominations Committee:

Sue Fox, Convenor

(2010 - 2014)


Gill Cloughton

(2010 - 2014)

School Committee Representatives:

Sue Fox

(2013 - 2017)


Gill Cloughton

(2011 - 2014)





            Proposed by Diz Dexter and seconded by Barbara Price.


7.    Nomination of President Elect: George Hetherington (1948 - 55) was proposed by Sue Fox and seconded by Alan Goodfellow.

8.     A.O.B.:  Greetings had been received from Sheila Howd (nee Dent) and Jan Sinclair.

9.     Next Reunion: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June 2014


        John Fothergill thanked all those attending the AGM and the meeting closed at 4.25 pm.