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Ayton Meeting House entrance from the GreenSadly much of the School that we knew and loved has been demolished and those parts still standing has now been converted into private homes. To many of us, however, the heart of the School lay in the Meeting House, which remains and is used both by Ayton Friends and the community in Great Ayton.

The Meeting House is no longer required as a place for the three hundred plus Ayton scholars to assemble, for which it was extended in 1968. Ayton Friends have grappled with the task of altering it to ensure that it continues to serve the needs of its much-changed community.

The appeal for funds has been met with much generosity and will be in the region of £208,000. £21,000 has been identified as being from Old Scholars. Additionally £10,200 has been raised by the sale of benches and of these all except five benches have gone to Old Scholars. 

Work on the Meeting House alterations is now finished - and almost on schedule. The first Meetings for Worship were over the 2001 Easter Weekend. Renovation and alterations photo progress reports appears on four separate pages.

Fund raising will be continued even though the alterations are complete - mainly as costs have now risen and expenditure will be approximately £20,000 over budget - and therefore contributions from visitors to this website to the Meeting House Appeal Fund would be very much appreciated. There is a separate page to printout with full details.

Ayton Friends now have:

  • Remodelled the internal space, as shown in the drawings below, to create versatile rooms for Friends, old scholars, and the local community.
  • Created an upper room for Old Scholars’ memorabilia.
  • Created a kitchen to replace the catering facilities previously provided by the school.
  • Created rooms for children’s meetings
  • Improved facilities for the disabled
  • Replaced the antiquated heating system.
Ayton Meeting House - Ground Floor

Above: Ground Floor

Below: First Floor

Ayton Meeting House - First Floor

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